"Stomp the Yard" Star Dodged Britney Bullet

1/10/2007 2:20 PM PST

"Stomp the Yard" Star Dodged Britney Bullet

Columbus Short was thisclose to being Kevin Federline.

The choreographer-turned-actor was romantically linked to Britney in 2003, while his wife was seven months pregnant -- see a trend here, Shar Jackson, anyone?

While promoting his new film "Stomp the Yard," "Tom Joyner Morning Show" entertainment reporterJawn Murray asked Short how it felt to have a life that didn't go "the way of the Federline." Audibly surprised by the question, Short replied, "I believe in my talent ... not to diss Kevin, he's a boy of mine ... I'm grateful in the career decisions that I've made and God directing my path." No kidding.

If only K-Fed had learned a thing or two from this one ... we could have all been spared PopoZao.