Judge in Paternity Case -- What Am I Doing Here?

2/23/2007 12:35 PM PST

Judge in Paternity Case -- What Am I Doing Here?

Yes, folks, it's a miracle -- a court hearing in the Anna Nicole saga just finished in under an hour.

Judge Lawrence Korda seemed to tip his hand as to what he'll rule in the Dannielynn Stern paternity battle currently being waged in a Broward County courthouse, when he said, "I don't think I have jurisdiction" in the case, and suggested that the Bahamas has "substantial" say in how paternity of the late Anna Nicole Smith's daughter should be determined.

Larry Birkhead's lawyers are trying to get Judge Korda to order the medical examiner to turn over DNA samples to a California doctor for analysis in the paternity case. Korda also questioned whether California has any jurisdiction in the case.

Unlike the verbose and melodramatic Judge Larry Seidlin, who handled the matter of Anna Nicole's body, Korda quickly dispatched the hearing, and told lawyers he would have a decision "pretty soon."