Hudson Joins Diss Chorus for 'Idol'

2/26/2007 2:04 PM PST

Hudson Joins Diss Chorus for 'Idol'

You would think someone plucked from obscurity by a TV show would be quicker to sing its praises.

Jennifer Hudson, who finished in seventh place during the third season of "Idol," found better success at last night's Oscars when she took home the award for Best Supporting Actress. But if Simon Cowell was expecting some kind of shoutout, he'd have to go to to get it.

Hudson didn't thank "Idol" during the telecast, but did manage to squeeze in a nod on the Oscar website's "Thank You Cam," and then only after being reminded by someone off camera. Jennifer said, "Who else? Who else? Who else?" as she tried to remember who she forgot to thank, when an unseen woman mentioned "Idol."

"You know what? For every trial, and every tribulation, yes, 'Idol' is included in that." Hudson said in a seemingly begrudged afterthought.

Jennifer isn't the only "Idol" to diss the call-in-your-vote amateur hour. At last year's Grammy Awards, season one winner Kelly Clarkson took home two Grammys but failed to thank the show. How quickly they forget.