The Breast & Brightest In the Business!

2/26/2007 1:39 PM PST

The Breast & Brightest in the Business!

Helen Mirren and Jennifer Hudson won big at the Oscars last night, but's 8th Annual Anatomy Awards honor the body of work of actresses with the biggest and best biological golden globes in Hollywood. Who aren't you wearing?!

Salma Hayek takes home the highly coveted Best Breasts award for her titillating work in both "Ugly Betty" and "Ask the Dust." Jennifer Aniston keeps it family-friendly with Best PG-13 Nude Scene in "The Break-Up." While Rosie O'Donnell obstructs our view with Most Shocking Nudity for "Nip/Tuck." My eyes! My eyes!!

Other winners include "Nip/Tuck" guest star Brooke Shields for Best Plumber's Crack, and Monique Coleman from "Dancing with the Stars" for Best Wardrobe Malfunction.