Ka-Pow! Batman Busted!

3/23/2007 10:42 AM PDT

Ka-Pow! Batman Busted!

The Dark Knight was arrested in Hollywood yesterday after he and Chewbacca took on a group of picketers ... while he tried to use their toilet. Holy S**t, Batman!

According to KABC, a street performer on Hollywood Blvd. dressed as Bruce Wayne's alter ego, got into an altercation with picketing union workers after being refused access to their porta-potty. The Batman-wannabe then taunted the group, whipping his cape to the ground and shouting at the workers.

Then, in a move that would move any fanboy to ecstasy, Chewbacca joined forces with the Caped Crusader and started talking to the group of picketers as well!

Unfortunately, Batman didn't retreat to the Bat Cave fast enough, and was arrested by LAPD for disorderly conduct! Gadzooks!