Listen to Gary Busey ... or Get Lost!

4/9/2007 8:20 AM PDT

Listen to Gary Busey ... or Get Lost!

If there's a man in the world you want telling you how to go in the right direction, it's probably not Gary Busey.

Nevertheless, the loosely-wrapped actor has given his voice to the TomTom line of customizable GPS devices, joining such illustrious navigational talents as Mr. T (wheelman for "The A-Team") and Burt Reynolds ("Cannonball Runner" extraordinaire). Gary will tell you when to make a left turn, and when to turn things around. He also shares some advice for when boredom strikes your drive: "Honk at geese."

Though we haven't yet had the chance to drive a car with Busey as our co-pilot, we have heard some of the "directions" that didn't make the TomTom cut, courtesy of AOL's Switched. Busey suggests that we "churn butter naked" if arriving early to your destination, and warns us that if you eat in your car, "you will be passing gas."

Driving with Busey in your ear gives a whole new meaning to "road trip."