Hugh Popped for Pelting Pap With Baked Beans

4/26/2007 7:35 AM PDT

Hugh Popped for Pelting Pap with Baked Beans

Hugh Grant has reportedly been arrested in London over an allegation that he assaulted a photographer with a family-sized tub of baked beans, among other things, as documented in these photos that TMZ showed you yesterday.

The actor, according to British press reports, allegedly kicked Ian Whittaker three times as Whittaker attempted to photograph him near his west London home. Whittaker alleges Grant then picked up a large carton of baked beans and threw them at the lensman, leaving him "bruised" and "battered" and slathered in the sticky mess.

Whittaker also claims that Grant asked him whether he had kids, and when he answered in the affirmative, said, "I hope they die of f**king cancer." Grant denies having said that.

Police did not confirm that it was Grant, 46, that had been arrested, but did say that a 46-year-old man had been arrested and made bail, and that he would be returning to a police station next month. Charges against the actor are pending.