Sayonara Zarf!

4/26/2007 3:40 PM PDT

Sayonara Zarf!

With her transition from male British rock star to lesbian school marm now complete, daytime TV's favorite transgendered heroine, Zarf/Zoe, made her last pantyhosed prance on "All My Children."

Having educated the good people of Pine Valley on the wonders of gender reassignment, Zarf set out for the European leg of her transformational tour, but not before giving a heartfelt thanks to Erica Kane -- woman to woman.

Zarf, played by Jeffrey Carlson, made television history as the first transgendered lesbian character on a daytime soap. With his updos and Talbots suits behind him, Carlson will now star in The Shakespeare Theater Company's production of "Hamlet" in D.C.

Fly little Zarf, fly!