Rosie's Rearview -- Creating a Stink

5/25/2007 1:42 PM PDT

Rosie's Rearview -- Creating a Stink

Another day, another cryptic hint that Rosie O'Donnell's stint at "The View" is dunzo!

This morning, Ro posted a video montage on her blog titled "True Colors 2007," which includes a soundtrack by Cyndi Lauper and images of Babwa and Ro's right wing nemesis, Elisabeth. It also includes an image of Ro's eyes in the rearview mirror of a car. Symbolism?

Even though Rosie had already announced that she won't be back on the squabblefest next season, the mysterious message comes in the wake of Wednesday's RO vs. EH explosion, and has many convinced that O'Donnell's days on the show are already behind her.

What's the message? Inquiring minds wanna know!