Paris Playin' the Field Before Jail?

5/31/2007 11:00 AM PDT

Paris Playin' the Field Before Jail?

Paris Hilton was caught strolling around The Grove L.A. shopping center with another new guy last night -- just days before she's set to go behind bars. Play on, playa!

With Josh Henderson appearing to be all but erased from Hilton's life, the convicted heiress has apparently upgraded to a more ripped and hotter lookin' dude. Shockingly, the mystery hot guy with the chiseled features chose to stay mum when photogs asked for his name. Paris has this one well trained.

Hilton kept her trap shut as well -- opting not to comment on sometime-buddy Lindsay Lohan's DUI arrest.

Update: An astute TMZ reader recognized Hilton's date as Derrick from season 3 of FOX's amazing reality show "Temptation Island." Good eye!