Trendy Threatened: "You're a Wannabe Drag Queen!"

6/1/2007 1:39 PM PDT

Trendy Threatened: "You're a Wannabe Drag Queen!"

The Battle of the Bitches has gone into overtime -- with Anna Nicole Smith's former hairdresser, Daniel DiCriscio, lashing out at Bobby Trendy, yet again.

TMZ caught the Zarf-alike leaving club Avalon last night, where he shared some kind words about the trainwreck designer, calling Trendy "a wannabe f**kin' drag queen with a big f**kin' mouth" who "had the hots for Howard [K. Stern]."

DiCriscio even hilariously threatened Trendy by saying "you better f**kin' run from me when you see me, you're nothing but a cheap Chinese buffet to me, baby."

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