"Jericho" Back in Action? That's Nuts!

6/5/2007 4:06 PM PDT

"Jericho" Back in Action? That's Nuts!

For all you super-obsessed "Jericho" nuts out there, worry no more!

CBS is steps away from sealing a deal to bring "Jericho" back from the TV graveyard for at least eight episodes, this according to TVGuide.com. An insider was quoted as saying the deal hinges on signing the actors to new contracts and finding a soundstage to house the show's sets. The series, which focuses on a small Kansas town coping with a new reality after a series of nuclear attacks by terrorists, could return as soon as mid-season. Kaboom!

Jerichoholics have launched all sorts of desperate campaigns to resurrect the show, including bombarding TMZ's email accounts with pleas. People -- listen up -- we can't bring back TV shows!!

Diehard fans have also sent shipments of peanuts to CBS in a move to persuade them to pickup the series. The peanuts were an allusion to a bit of war-cry dialog in the final episode. "Nuts!"

For the first time, television executives will work for peanuts.