Blake Feelin' Sparks?!

6/22/2007 11:15 AM PDT

Blake Feelin' Sparks?!

They've denied up and down that they're an item, but Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis have been looking awfully co-co-co-zy in the afterglow of their "American Idol" glory.

A TMZ spy spotted the "Idol" finalists "holding hands" while shopping at a Fry's Electronics store near L.A. We're told that they wandered around the store, unmolested, and seemed "happy" together. Blake was overheard saying to the 17-year-old Jordin, "We should call your mom." Need a ride, kids?

Here, B & J yuk it up for photogs, as Blake rocks an outfit that seamlessly blends New Kids on The Block and low-rent surf dude chic.

The pair will tour with the rest of the "Idol" crew this summer, but it looks like they've got their own duet.