It's All About Eve in Court

6/28/2007 3:00 PM PDT

It's All About Eve in Court

TMZ was in court when rap sensation Eve cut a DUI deal.

Eve, who was not present, plead no contest to DUI through her high-powered lawyer, Blair Berk, in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Eve was popped with a .08 blood alcohol level after her Maserati crashed on Hollywood Blvd. in April.

Under terms of the plea, Eve must spend 45 days with a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device attached to her ankle. She also got 36 months of "informal" probation. Eve must also pay $1400 in fines and penalties. She must also enroll in the first offender alcohol education program.

On July 20, Eve's lawyer must prove that she's hooked up to the SCRAM device and that she's enrolled in the alcohol education program.