'View' Pooh-Poohs Rev. Al You're Just 'Silly'!

7/16/2007 1:28 PM PDT

'View' Pooh-Poohs Rev. Al -- You're Just 'Silly'!

"The View" got their claws all over Roboho-gate this morning, with Sherri Shepherd calling Rev. Al Sharpton "silly" for slamming TMZ -- and even Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that the Rev. tussled with the wrong website!

Shepherd took the strongest line against Sharpton, saying he was "silly" for criticizing our use of "Roboho," and reiterating -- yet again -- that it was her outfit, not the singer herself, on which TMZ was commenting.

Elisabeth, after briefly confusing TMZ managing editor Harvey Levin with film honcho Harvey Weinstein, recognized our equal-opportunity celeb-stabbing, citing the coinage "Poshtitute" as proof. She added that Rev. Al was "selectively advocating," and that he'd gone after the wrong person. Don't mess with the bull -- you'll get the horns!