Could Method Acting Be Lindsay's DUI Defense?

7/27/2007 4:50 PM PDT

Could Method Acting Be Lindsay's DUI Defense?

Could Lindsay Lohan's alleged high-speed chase antics have all been an act? And might she use "method acting" as a novel defense in her case?

Defense lawyer/legend Roy Black -- who's represented William Kennedy Smith and Rush Limbaugh -- tells Chris Yandek of that a method acting defense is "somewhat unique" and concedes that it "sounds somewhat logical, but it wouldn't work as a matter of law." Black adds that he thinks Lindsay will be in the lockup for at least as long as Paris Hilton -- and probably more.

Meanwhile, Garcelle Beauvais, one of the co-stars of Lindsay Lohan's latest -- and possibly DOA -- flick, "I Know Who Killed Me," told Yandek that life's definitely "imitating art and vice versa," and adds she's disappointed in Lindz after the DUI, asking her folks, Michael and Dina, to "step up for once."

Beauvais, actress and Playboy's August cover girl, admits that she didn't really lend any particular support to Lohan during shooting. "We just really wanted to get the job done," she said, adding that she thinks that for Lohan, life's imitating art and "vice versa." Still Beauvais says Lindsay's very nice and sweet. We wonder if she still thinks that after what we were told last night.