New "View": It's Whoopi!

8/1/2007 12:48 PM PDT

New "View": It's Whoopi!

Barbara and her gals have announced that actress, comedian and all-around funny lady Whoopi Goldberg has been tapped to co-host "The View." Great choice!

When asked what she would be looking forward to the most and the least, Whoopi replied: "I'm looking forward to the hot topics. The thing I'm looking forward to the least is getting in between everyone talking at one time."

Sources tell TMZ, "View" execs wanted a black woman who was funny. They also wanted a funny white woman but Roseanne was too expensive and they felt she was past her prime. And as for Gayle King, we're told, "it just wasn't happening."

And what about Sherri Shepherd, widely rumored to be the fifth member of Babwa's merry band? In Touch reports that Walters was all set to annouce Sherri today as well, but last minute talks stalled, with ABC balking at Shepherd's demand of $2 million per year, which is what Whoopi's making. What's more, ABC is said to be resuming talks with CNN's Jacque Reid.

Shepherd's rep tells TMZ, "They are talking but there's no news." The "View's" rep tells us that producers "are having ongoing discussions with several people."

Of course, no "View" post would be complete without some weigh-in from Rosie O'Donnell. What sayeth she? "Whoopi is perfect for the job and she is one of my favorites. She is absolutely amazing!"

Whoopi joins "The View" permanently the day after Labor Day.