Lily Allen Denied by America

8/7/2007 1:11 PM PDT

Lily Allen Denied by America

In an effort to crack down on foreign workers taking jobs from good, hard-working Americans, U.S. authorities have stripped Brit pop star Lily Allen of her work visa and put her upcoming American tour in jeopardy, reports the Daily Mail. If need be, Kelly Clarkson is available on short notice.

Allen was reportedly detained on Sunday by Los Angeles Customs officers as she arrived for the MTV Video Music Awards nominations and to shoot a video with Kanye West. According to the British paper, Lily was arrested and subsequently "cautioned" in London last March for assaulting a photographer, thus her problem here in the states. Wanker!

"Lily doesn't know why it happened, she is quite shocked," her spokesperson told the Daily Mail. "She's due back in the UK at the end of the week to continue work on her second album, and we're sure all this will be sorted out in time for her American tour."

Lily is supposed start her U.S. tour in San Diego on September 6.