Kelly Clarkson Desperate to Breakaway

6/21/2007 11:15 AM PDT

Kelly Clarkson -- Desperate to Breakaway

Kelly Clarkson just can't catch a frickin' break these days.

The singer, who just canceled her concert tour over low ticket sales, had the misfortune of getting locked out of her car last night just as she was engulfed by a paparazzi storm. Damn childproof locks!

After dining with Reba McEntire at Koi -- where the country legend announced the two will be performing a duet together on an upcoming album -- Little Miss Clarkson retreated to her SUV ... well, she tried to. With the keys not working on the passenger door, photogs began bombarding Clarkson with questions about her plagued album and scrapped tour -- the original "American Idol" became very visibly uncomfortable.

Desperate to get the hell out of there, Clarkson booked it for the open driver's side door and crawled over into the passenger side. As the frustration mounted, Clarkson let out an expletive, followed by a recovery, "love you!" to all her fans. Moments later, her driver finally whisked her away.