Jay-Z: Table for One?

8/15/2007 5:39 PM PDT

Jay-Z: Table for One?

Getting a table at Da Silvano in New York was easy for Jay-Z last night -- because he was all alone! One is the loneliest number!

S. Carter caused a fit of commotion as he exited the restaurant solo. "Hills"star L.C. was also dining at the establishment at the same damn time -- the mogul sure knows how to upstage a betch!

Jay looks reeeeeal healthy these days -- Jiggaman must be seeking solace in food because he has definitely gained some needed baby fat. He's got 99 problems but a steak ain't one! Pass the A1sauce!

Hova's lady love Beyonce is currently on tour. Guess there will be no getting "Bodied" until she returns!