Michelle Tanner Looks Disheveled

8/16/2007 12:06 PM PDT

Michelle Tanner Looks Disheveled

Double-minted twin Ashley Olsen sure has that "wind-blown" look down pat!

The couple-minutes-older clone hit up Neiman Marcus yesterday to pick up some duds, wearing a pair of BluBlocker knock-offs stolen right from the Hoff's "Knight Rider" wardrobe table, and looking like she'd been hanging her head out of K.I.T.T.'s passenger-side window!

The tiny twin added some needed height with a pair of shiny black heels, which appear to have been ex-strap-olated from those "Xena"-esque S&M things she sported this past weekend in the Hamptons.

You must be this tall to ride - with David Hasselhoff!