"Pick-Up Artist" Attempts to Lift Donkeys

8/20/2007 6:19 PM PDT

"Pick-Up Artist" Attempts to Lift Donkeys

"Mystery," author of "Mystery Method," is trying to help some of the world's biggest donkeys -- to score with babes!

TMZ obtained this clip of the new television show, in which cameras follow around eight hee-haws as they attempt to pick-up attractive members of the opposite sex. Must see TV! In these crisis level cases, Mystery hasn't yet achieved the desired results. VH1 teamed up with the man who created his formula for picking up women by using trial and error. Clearly, a lot of error.

"The Pick-Up Artist," follows eight social misfits living under one roof as they endure a rigorous three-week boot camp, competing for the title of "Master Pick-Up Artist."

Check out the next episode, airing tonight.