Sheen Says Denise's Spy Ruined His Day

8/27/2007 6:49 PM PDT

Sheen Says Denise's Spy Ruined His Day

TMZ cameras were at the Brooke Shields 'Art of Elysium' benefit at the French Connection Beach House this weekend, and we caught Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller enjoying a day at the beach with his kids. While they may be smiling, Charlie says his day was ruined by his ex Denise Richards.

Sheen told People, "Here is my and Brooke's weekend with [daughters Sam and Lola] being sullied by one of her spies." The mag reported Sheen and Mueller arrived at the party with his girls and Richards' assistant because, "a real nanny was unavailable."

"That is the thing I have to put a stop to. I can't spend quality time -- times I'm never going to get again -- quite frankly being observed by a perfect stranger," Sheen said of the tag-along observer chosen to supervise his visit because of the former couple's ongoing custody battle.

For her part, Denise's attorney issued the following statement to TMZ: "It is unfortunate that Charlie is discussing this matter in the press in an attempt to discredit Denise. Unfortunately, Charlie fails to disclose what he and Denise have agreed to insofar as his visits with the children are concerned, and the truth about why a third party is required for all of his visits. Denise has acted and will continue to act in the best interests of her children and to take all reasonable steps to protect them."