Barbi Twins: Duped by "The Ultimate Con Man"

8/29/2007 1:38 PM PDT

Barbi Twins: Duped by "The Ultimate Con Man"

Shane and Sia Barbi (aka "The Barbi Twins") have filed a lawsuit claiming they were duped by an alleged con man into using their celeb connections to make the animal rights film, "Your Mommy Kills Animals." Don't play with Barbis!

The twins allege that Curt Johnson lied about being a Oscar winner, and that Daily Variety (which the Barbis are also suing), printed a story about how he sealed a $30 million film deal. They say in reality, Curt is just "selling T-shirts and living in a guest house in exchange for gardening services."

According to the lawsuit, Curt claimed to have a "close relationship" with Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina, but that was also "bogus." To top it all off, Johnson created false reviews of the film, using celebrities Clint Eastwood, Stan Lee and Larry Flynt.

The Barbis are seeking $1 million in damages. Don't pull their heads off!