You Write the Songs, I Write the Lawsuit

9/5/2007 8:36 PM PDT

You Write the Songs, I Write the Lawsuit

UPDATE November 15: Fabro has dropped his lawsuit after settling with Barry and BMPI.

Oh, Barry -- you allegedly came and you took without giving an employee his workers' comp benefits!

Tour manager Liberato Fabro is suing the guy who writes the songs and his production company, BMPI, alleging that after he injured his knee, a deal was struck to pay his $15,000 in medical bills in lieu of filing a workers' comp claim. Fabro worked for 7 years on Manilow's shows in Vegas and elsewhere, then injured his knee in 2005 in a work-related accident. Then Fabro fell into depression because of a divorce and was granted some time off -- forever. I want to walk without you!

Now there's a whole mess of claims against Barry and his company, including discrimination because of disability and marital status, wrongful termination and fraud.

A rep for Manilow did not immediately return our call for comment.