Big Surprise ... O.J.'s Got No Friends!

9/18/2007 9:50 PM PDT

Big Surprise ... O.J.'s Got No Friends!

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has just released the visitor list for O.J. Simpson, and apparently, he's got no friends! *crickets*

According to a press release issued by the cops, the following people have visited the Juice in his cell:

Legal 09/17/07 @ 0840 Scott Holper(atty) Phillip Kohn(Pd) Daren Richards(Pd)
Legal 09/17/07@ 1230 Scott Holper(atty) Liborius Agwara (atty) Malcolm Lavergne(atty)
Social 09/17/07 @2000 Christine Prody, Mattie Baker
Legal 09/18/07 @0830 Scott Holper (atty)
Legal 09/18/07@0940 Gabriel Grasso (atty)
Religious 09/18/07@1450 Robert Greene(religious)
As of 09/18/07 @ 1620 hrs., these are the only visits that he has had.

Christine Prody is the Juice's longtime girlfriend and Mattie Baker is his sister.

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