Sex and the Wackjob City

9/28/2007 12:55 PM PDT

Sex and the Wackjob City

We're not sure what they're serving at the craft services table on the SoHo set of "Sex and the City," but things definitely got a little wacky there yesterday.

First, there was Sarah Jessica Parker showing her dark side, all Gothed-up in dark hair, black clothes, and her usual sullen mood. A bit of foreshadowing, perhaps? Speaking of SJP, a full shoving match broke out when her bodyguard had to restrain an overzealous autograph seeker. If you thought all "SATC" fans were thirtysomething urbanettes, check out this guy -- a big, burly dude who probably doesn't look so hot in Manolos.

Then there's our favorite New York fan of the moment, the same woman who bounced with glee for Jessica Simpson. The crazy-haired loon tried to squeeze her way onto the set, but got the big boot from a kindly staffer. Still, once she realized cameras were also rolling off set, she gave our photog an eyeful -- which he's still trying to forget!



Sarah Jessica Parker Attacked by Giant Flower