White Stripes Picture Show

10/19/2007 6:30 AM PDT

White Stripes Picture Show

Some bands sell t-shirts -- others sell special edition box sets. The White Stripes sell custom made cameras known internationally for their imperfections and the unique images those imperfections produce.

The JACK Holga and MEG Diana+ Lomographic cameras adhere to the band's red, white and black color scheme, and even don a peppermint swirl on the frame advance dial.

Each all-plastic camera comes with its own set of accessories. The MEG comes with "Nobody Knows How To Talk to Children" ringflash and custom Peppermint Film Mask Filter. The JACK is equipped with an additional fish-eye lens, three filter set and custom Peppermint Len Filter.

Only 3,000 units of each camera are being produced, so photographic music fans should hurry.