Dr. Adams Cuts and Runs from Larry King

11/20/2007 11:04 PM PST

Dr. Adams Cuts and Runs from Larry King

He was supposed to finally discuss the death of his most famous patient, Dr. Donda West, but Dr. Jan Adams bailed on "Larry King Live" instead -- walking off the set live on the air.

Adams did not come out for the first segment of the show -- as he was scheduled. He appeared after the first commercial break, and told Larry King that he would not speak.

Adams then took off his earpiece and walked off the set. Larry quickly threw to commercial.

Later in the show, Alan Tenenbaum, an attorney for Dr. Adams, explained that Adams received a letter from attorneys representing the West family. The letter asked him not to appear on the show.

King left open the possibility that Adams could appear on the show again Wednesday.