Troops to Sierra: At Ease, Idol!

12/9/2007 11:24 AM PST

Troops to Sierra: At Ease, Idol!

Looks like Jessica Sierra's patriotic duties won't be a part of her Christmas plans! The pro-troop organization Move America Forward wants nothing to do with the currently jailed former "American Idol." What a surprise!

The fallen "Idol" finalist had previously posted on her offical website that she would be performing at a holiday tribute concert for the troops -- arranged by MAF. Guess again!

The org's VP issued a statement as a result of Sierra's current legal quagmire: "It is quite obvious that Ms. Sierra needs to devote a great deal of time to putting her life back together. We wish Jessica Sierra all the best in her path towards overcoming her addictions, but that path does not include participation in the 'A Song for Their Service' concert."

In other words, don't let the cell door hit you on the way out!