Trey Songz Goeth After the Iceman!

12/27/2007 4:19 PM PST

Trey Songz Goeth After the Iceman!

When a fan threw ice at R&B singer Trey Songz, he probably didn't expect Trey and his bodyguard to leap from the stage and come after him, but that's exactly what happened.

In a video posted on Mediatakeout, the "Can't Help But Wait" singer orders the DJ to cut the music after someone throws ice at him. He then scouts out the fan and flies off stage with his bodyguard -- presumably for a nice friendly chat among gentlemen.

Or not -- according to a fan who wrote into AllHipHop, "They beat the dude down. Took his jewels, chains, and grills. The dude's mouth got bloodied up. Then Trey comes back in and finished the night." That's how he rolls!

Calls to Trey's reps were not immediately returned.