Kooky Lady Rides Naked Cowboy for $10 Mil

4/2/2008 12:17 PM PDT

Kooky Lady Rides Naked Cowboy for $10 Mil

Some woman wants to ride the Naked Cowboy's bare back to try to nab $10 mil from the folks who make M&Ms.

Bonnie Vent says Mars stole her idea for an Addams Family-themed TV spot in a suit filed suspiciously soon after the Naked Cowboy sued the company for $8 million for swiping his Speedo'd image for a digital billboard. Here's where Ms. Vent's argument has some gaps: She says she pitched an ad with the original Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt. Which raises two questions: Wasn't the show forty years ago, and ... Cousin Itt was played by a human being?

Mars hasn't gotten back to our request for comment.

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