Bitchfight Brewing for Foxy's Release

4/17/2008 5:02 PM PDT

Bitchfight Brewing for Foxy's Release

Foxy Brown is going to strut her way out of prison tomorrow, and we're hearing that there could be some serious fireworks when she walks out of those doors at Rikers.

The rapperista's peeps are planning to make a total media event out of Foxy's release -- full press conference, photo op, fandemonium, the whole nine prison yards.

But the Department of Corrections is not down with Brown -- telling us the parking lot where Foxy will emerge is way too small, and they're trying to jock block the event. Can anyone say clusterf***?

Regardless, TMZ will be there to scope all the action when -- or if -- it all goes down.

UPDATE: Hoo boy. The Dept. of Corrections just issued the following advisory: Inga Marchand, also known as Foxy Brown, is expected to be discharged from Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island tomorrow morning (Friday, April 18). Although there have been press reports of fan rallies and other activities in the parking lot on the Queens side of the Rikers bridge, limited space, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and the operations of the Rikers Island complex do not allow for such activities at the site. There will be no fan gatherings or press opportunity in or adjacent to the Rikers Island parking lot.