Rikki to Miss. Your Charges Don't Dance

5/23/2008 8:22 AM PDT

Rikki to Miss. -- Your Charges Don't Dance

Rikki Rockett says he'll be having nothin' but a good time after being cleared of felony rape charges.

On his MySpace blog, the Poison tubthumper says he has been "exonerated" of the charge after the Neshoba County, Miss. DA declined to indict him because, among other things, he wasn't even in the state when the alleged incident went down. What's more, Rikki claims he was the victim of an impostor named John Minskoff, whom Rik says is a "career criminal" who impersonated him and sexually pursued the alleged victim.

We've contacted Neshoba County officials for comment, but haven't heard back just yet.