Candy Spelling: What a Slot!

6/4/2008 1:22 PM PDT

Candy Spelling: What a Slot!

Candy Spelling isn't gonna just sit there with her zillion dollars in Bev Hills. She's just hit the jackpot -- again.

As TMZ Vegas spies tell us over the weekend, Candy Dandy was playing the high limit slots (up to $1,000 a pull) at the Bellagio Hotel when she cleaned the clock of a one-armed bandit to the tune of $180,000. To put this in perspective, $180 grand to her is like $8 bucks in our world.

So you think lightning only strikes once? Exactly one year ago in Vegas, Candy -- whose fortune is estimated at $600 mil -- won $200,000 at -- yes, the Bellagio. And yes, on the slots. She was actually up $350,000 at one point but couldn't walk away.

But wait, there's more. Days after her 2007 jackpot, she held a charity raffle and won a car.

Meanwhile, Tori is scrounging on hot dogs that could put her fetus at risk.