George to Dr. Phil: Dance, Fool, Dance!

6/26/2008 3:00 PM PDT

George to Dr. Phil: Dance, Fool, Dance!

George Michael served up Dr. Phil a big can of whoop ass!

TMZ spies at last night's concert in L.A. tell us George pointed out Phil and his wife Robin sitting in the front of the arena. After the TV doc was flashed on the monitor, the crowd booed. George then called Phil out, saying Robin appeared to be having a blast, but Phil couldn't be more bored. That was followed by another round of boos. People sitting near the TV shrink tell us Phil and Robin bolted right after that.

Looks like Phil can dish it out, but can't take it.

Hollywood's Dirty Old Men

Cougars aren't the only ones going after the youngins in Hollywood -- these old dogs are biting off as much as they can chew, too!

Same Ol' Arrest Song for Mindy Mac

Mindy McCready was just popped for the -- oh, hell, we've lost count.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the countrymess was just arrested for a probation violation -- she allegedly falsified info on her community service report. Mindy turned herself into Williamson County, Tenn. Sheriffs on Monday night, and we're told she posted bail two hours later.

BTW, Mindz is clearly getting plenty of practice with those mugshots -- yep, that really is a mugshot.

Skin and Blood in the 'Bu

A rash of violence has broken out in Malibu, home of the hoitiest of the toitiest celebs. The beach was ablaze with fists and weapons this past weekend -- surfers pitted against the pappers who were on the hunt for Matt McConaughey.

And speaking of rashes ... sex in the 'bu is selling stronger than ever. Sex and violence -- what a concept!

Wal*Mart -- Low Prices, Phony Celebs Everyday

Stone Cold Steve Austin posed for pics at an Indiana Wal*Mart for $10 a pop. But attention Wal*Mart shoppers -- the dude's a fraud.

Someone duped Wal*Mart into believing he was the former WWE champ. Yes, that sounds weird to us too, since Wal*Mart is so corporate you can't take a dump at the store without getting permission from the Prez. But it happened, and now Greensburg, Ind. cops are on the case, trying to hunt down the phony who pocketed the cash.

And this is funny -- Wal*Mart employees became suspicious when the guy and his "manager" showed up in a broke down hoopty.

We're lookin' for pics of the faux wrestler, which we'll post. John Walsh's got nothin' on us!

Timbaland's Karaoke Wedding

TMZ spies were in Aruba last weekend, when rapper/mega-producer Timbaland got hitched on a private island. But don't think everything was as fancy as it looks!

Spies at the wedding site tell us Timbaland's wedding -- which the hotel called code name "Heaven on Earth" -- featured open mic karaoke and $50k worth of flowers -- which compared to Mariah-size weddings is peanuts!

Peeps like Oprah, Madonna, Missy Elliott, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Prince were invited -- but we don't know if they actually showed.

Oprah Stops London Traffic For Barack

So our papper sees this black car with tinted windows in London yesterday and figures, it's the queen. He was right!

He baited Oprah into rolling down the nice piece of glass, by questioning her support of Obama. Fact is, her big endorsement did little for him and actually hurt her ratings. But she said she'd go door-to-door for Barack. Oprah calling!

BTW -- Yes, that's Gayle King in the car with her. She's like Sam Ronson, without those adorable flannel shirts.

Hulk Hiding Under Charity Cover

The Hulk Hogan-fronted charity that brags it's raising cash for John Graziano's medical care hasn't paid his family a penny.

Nearly a year after Nick Hogan's crash, Graziano's attorney tells us that they haven't seen one red cent from "The Freedom Group," a charity that Hulk just happened to become the spokesbeast for ... a week after the crash.

A source tells us that Freedom raised 60 grand last year, but it's unclear where any of that jack has landed. As we reported, they canceled their biggest fund-raising event -- the National Towel Wave -- because they didn't want to deal with Hogan drama.

The Freedom Group couldn't immediately be reached for comment.