Lindsay Lohan, You Got Served -- Kinda, Sorta

7/15/2008 4:56 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan, You Got Served -- Kinda, Sorta

Lindsay Lohan was served with legal papers today on the set of her new movie -- but the whole thing ain't kosher.

A source close to Lindsay tells TMZ it was really shady. We're told the process server faked being a paparazzo and threw the papers at her, and that ain't no way to serve a lady. One of Lindsay's reps tells us the service was not legal.

The case in question involves Samantha Ronson and the law firm that repped her in a defamation case against Perez Hilton. She claims the firm overcharged her and screwed up her case.

How does Lindsay factor in? Sam says in the suit the defamation involves what didn't happen in Lindsay's infamous car crash in May 2007.