"Sober Living" -- A Living Hell

8/8/2008 10:14 AM PDT

"Sober Living" -- A Living Hell

Hollywood residents have been contacting TMZ, bitterly complaining that the VH1 reality show "Sober Living" is turning their lives upside down ... and it's a house that's a stone's throw from Brad and Angie's pad.

The show, which features Z-listers including Shifty Shellshock, Mary Carey and (drum roll) Rodney King, captures on camera the lives of substance abusers struggling to stay sober in the same house.

We went out to the neighborhood today and got an earful. For starters, people who deny themselves drugs and/or alcohol tend to scream like muthas, day and night. Neighbors are constantly complaining about the trash from the house (they're also complaining about the garbage).

People in the house are concerned about blowing a .08 or higher. Neighbors are more concerned about blowing a fuse, because lights from the production are blowing circuits left and right.

All and all, reality sucks in parts of H-wood.