Hollywood "Bitch Slapper" Finally Gets Served

8/20/2008 3:37 PM PDT

Hollywood "Bitch Slapper" Finally Gets Served

Mams Taylor went back to STK last night, but it wasn't for a rematch with the smart-mouthed maitre d' who insulted him last week.

It didn't seem to matter Mams "bitch-slapped" the MD and got thrown out of the joint just days ago, because last night he was welcomed back with open arms.

We're told Mams, who's hella-stinkin' rich, is also good friends with the owner -- and actually got the MD in trouble!! But now it seems that everyone made up, and it's all hunky-frickin'-dory.

Finally, Mams resolved a problem without using his fists. No eye bangin' -- only eye liner.