Warren Wants His "Dick Tracy" Back

11/21/2008 5:11 PM PST

Warren Wants His "Dick Tracy" Back

Warren Beatty wants to unload more "Dick Tracy" on the world, but says he's getting blocked from doing so. And maybe that's a good thing.

Warren is suing Tribune Media to get the license on "Dick" back, and claims the company was supposed to give him a two-year get-movin' warning to let him know they were ending his rights if he wasn't doing "Dick".

They did, on Nov. 17, 2006. Beatty claims he "started filming" on Nov. 8 this year -- just a shade under the deadline -- but they yanked his rights anyway.

Tribune didn't comment immediately. And we did resist the temptation to leave "Tracy" out of this headline, so you're welcome.