Wyclef -- Home a Loan

1/26/2009 11:30 AM PST

Wyclef -- Home a Loan

Wyclef Jean wants to set the record straight: The reason his unfinished Miami home went into foreclosure ain't his fault.

Jean insists his Dade County pad is not being auctioned off -- despite what these papers say.

He says was "robbed" by a dirty contractor who "sat on the job for two years." The house was set to be sold at a foreclosure auction last month -- seems Mr. Wy didn't pay his $2 million mortgage.

Wyclef claims all is now squared away with the bank. He now says he plans to sell the house for a profit. Interesting concept, since the loan is for more than $2 mil and the property recently was appraised at $1.4 mil.