Jake Gyllenhaal -- Battery Included!

1/28/2009 5:15 AM PST

Jake Gyllenhaal -- Battery Included!

Jake Gyllenhaal has more important things to do today than Reese Witherspoon -- he's a prospective juror in a misdemeanor battery case in an L.A. courtroom.

Jake is in there right now.

This morning Jake was sitting in a corner in the jury assembly room with his head down, wearing a solid dark ball cap, a blue jacket and a backpack ... not realizing he's way too famous to go incognito.

So far, he hasn't been picked. We're there. We'll let you know.

Jake was just told to take his hat off inside the courtroom.

UPDATE: Jake has finally been excused for the day -- but he hasn't been excused from the case.

While inside the courtroom, Jake was allowed to go through voir dire (the juror questioning process) in a private room.

He'll be back today to find out if he's been selected as a juror.

Stay tuned!