Hasselhoff -- Someone to Baywatch Over Pam

3/12/2009 2:45 PM PDT

Hasselhoff -- Someone to Baywatch Over Pam

Oh the irony! David Hasselhoff came to the rescue of Pamela Bach by bailing her out of jail after she was popped for DUI.

In case you forgot, David and Pamela were in one of the most hateful divorces in all of celebredom. Now, with Pam in the pokey after causing a chain rear-end collision, David decided that he had to do something for the mother of his children.

So David contacted a bail bondsman. The bail, which was $100,000, was met and Pam was free as a bird.

Dominic Friesen of Bridge & Tunnel Communications tells TMZ, "Pamela is doing fine and home resting. She is thankful that nobody was injured as a result of the accident and is appreciative of the overwhelming support that she has been receiving."