Isaiah Washington -- Anatomy of a Deadbeat

3/24/2009 8:27 PM PDT

Isaiah Washington -- Anatomy of a Deadbeat

Isaiah Washington owes his landlord $100,000 and if he doesn't pay up, he could be out on his ass.

Washington's landlord claims the ex-"Grey's Anatomy" star/homophobe is five months behind on the rent for his home in Venice, California. Washington had signed a lease/option agreement to purchase the property for $3,650,000.

We're told Washington was having a dispute with his financial guy and Washington told his landlord he was in the process of getting his money back so he could pay his rent.

Washington, his wife and kids are still in the house. But the eviction process has begun. Legal papers were filed today. We're told Washington is probably going to move out shortly anyway ... but there's this thing about the $100,000 ...