Record Co. Claims Suge Knight Black Balled 'Em

6/2/2009 2:46 AM PDT

Record Co. Claims Suge Knight Black Balled 'Em

If Suge Knight wants to name his record company Blackball Records, he names it Blackball Records -- even if someone else has the name.

But the original owners of Black Ball Records (slightly different spelling) have fired off a cease and desist letter to Suge, very politely pointing out he has infringed on their copyright.

Suge has been using the name since 2008, claims Black Ball, and the two sides have tried to reach a settlement to no avail.

Suge's people tell us they filed for the copyright in 2006, but dropped it earlier this year. The original Blackball Records people say they've had it since 2002.

Looks like the trademark office will have to settle this one.