Spencer's Got it All Wrong

6/7/2009 6:19 PM PDT

Spencer's Got it All Wrong

Folks behind the scenes at "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" are going after Spencer Pratt something fierce. A source is saying...

-- Spencer and Heidi Pratt quit the show last Monday, and stayed in hotels for three days.

-- There were no critters in the "lost chamber" (an isolated room Speidi entered for the show), other than the usual bugs in Costa Rica.

-- They were indoors at all times protected from the elements, even though other cast members have been sleeping outside in daily thunderstorms.

-- They were never in any danger and they slept most of the time.

-- No one is being held against their will.

We're told Spencer is sayin it's all BS ... they were effectively tortured and he's planning on suing NBC.

Stay tuned (just the way NBC wants it!).