Jackson Showdown in Court Today

7/6/2009 2:20 AM PDT

Jackson Showdown in Court Today

Today we'll know if Katherine Jackson will fight over Michael Jackson's will -- or at least we'll know if her lawyer plans a fight.

We've learned lawyers for John Branca and John McClain -- the two men named co-executors in Michael Jackson's will -- will ask the judge to put them in charge of the estate, at least until the will is formally presented in court.

But here's the wild card -- last week, before the will was filed, Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Londell McMillan, went to court and got the judge to temporarily make Katherine the administrator of the estate. That power expires today.

The question -- will McMillan object to putting Branca and McClain in control of the estate? Jermaine Jackson has said he wants everyone to respect Michael's wishes. Sources tell us Jermaine's feelings are shared by the other siblings, but McMillan may have a different agenda. We're told many members of Michael's family are upset with McMillan and believe he's grandstanding. Lawyers for the named co-executors are bracing for a fight.

Ironically, the will names Katherine the guardian of Michael's children.