Jackson Chopper Contingency

7/7/2009 1:05 AM PDT

Jackson Chopper Contingency

UPDATE: Correction: Wick tells us the chopper is NOT meant to carry Michael's body and is just there for "emergency purposes only."

Law enforcement tells us their contingency plan to get Michael Jackson from Forest Lawn to Staples Center has some danger associated with it.

L.A. City Fire Captain William Wick says if a processional on the freeway is too dicey, a fire dept. chopper will take Jackson's body to downtown L.A. But he says "I'm concerned for our pilot's safety," because of the 20 news choppers hovering around in a tight air space.

Capt. Wick says he's considering calling the FAA to restrict the airspace.

Again, the plan is to take Jackson's body by motorcade -- the helicopter plan is the contingency, but they're getting ready for it.

UPDATE: Captain Wick told us the FAA has granted permission to clear a one mile area of airspace -- called a "temporary flight restriction" -- and says he's "highly considering" using the grant.