Coroner Gets More Jackson Doctor Files

7/31/2009 3:40 PM PDT

Coroner Gets More Jackson Doctor Files

We've learned a doctor who was reprimanded for prescribing drugs to Janet Jackson using aliases has been asked to turn over his Michael Jackson-related medical files to the L.A. County Coroner's office.

Law enforcement sources tell us the coroner has subpoenaed Dr. Allan Metzger's files. As we first reported, Metzger was reprimanded by the Medical Board of California for allegedly writing fraudulent prescriptions for Janet Jackson, "using a false/fictitious name."

At the time we broke the story, Metzger would not say if he used aliases for Michael Jackson when he treated him. But we've now learned Dr. Metzger's files were labeled Omar Arnold/Michael Jackson. There is nothing illegal about using an alias if the patient's real name is also used. We're told Dr. Metzger turned the files over a week ago.

When we spoke with Dr. Metzger on July 5, he told us "I have not treated him [Jackson] for ages." At the time he told us he last spoke with Jackson by phone in April and talked about the tour, his children, nutrition and hydration. We specifically asked Dr. Metzger if he talked to Jackson about Propofol and he said he had not.

But now Dr. Metzger's lawyer, Harland Braun, says Dr. Metzger actually went to Jackson's house in April and the singer specifically asked about using Propofol at home, and the doctor advised against it. Braun told us he believed Jackson was asking Dr. Metzger to provide the drug to Jackson but the doctor declined.

Braun says Metzger wrote notes about the meeting in his medical charts, despite what Dr. Metzger told us -- that he hadn't been Jackson's doctor "for ages." Braun didn't know when Dr. Metzger wrote his notes.