Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey -- No Brilliance in Hate!

9/2/2009 5:45 AM PDT

Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey -- No Brilliance in Hate!

From the completely obvious file -- the comments Aubrey O'Day made about Hitler and Fidel Castro on "The Sean Hannity Show" Monday night immediately struck a chord with members of the Jewish community.

TMZ spoke with Rabbi Chaim Cunin of Chabad House who gave us the following statement:

"When a woman like her uses public airwaves, with access to millions of wonderful citizens of America, and calls some of the most despicable, unspeakable hate mongers of history brilliant, then something is lacking with her intelligence.

This is a constant reminder of how careful we need to be when we talk about hate, because hatred is always present. We need to make sure we are careful and that hatred doesn't rear it's ugly head.

'I'd like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments."